Artagon IV – Vernissage


                         HEADING EAST!

Julie Monot – WODVO, 2017.

Ondřej Vicena – HIGH DEFINITION BLUE SVĚLTO, installation, dimensions variables.

Jean Claracq – A VIEW FROM AN APPARTMENT, 2017 (haut).  BOOK OF JOURS, 2018 (bas).

Sarah Levy – CREATURE OF HABIT, série, dimensions variables.

Alexander Brodarskiy – DOPE, 2018, gypse.

Michał Soja – LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!, 2018, vidéo collaboration avec  Róża Duda.

Yuliya Kyrychenko – POST-PUNK, 2018, vitrail et grilles metalliques.

Naoki Stylanos Karathanassis – 32000, série, dimensions variables.

Bogdan Čontoš – BUSAČ BETONA, 2016.

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